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kurkure aloo fry

Kurkure aloo fry recipe

Preparation Time kurkure aloo fry-20 Minutes Serving-4 Ingredients kurkure aloo fry: Potato(peeled, washed and chopped)-4 Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp Green chilli-2 Turmeric powder-1/ 2 tsp Salt-3/4 tsp or as per taste Cooking oil-100 gm Method: Add sufficient oil in a thick bottom pan, let the pan heat properly. Put few cumin seeds in the hot oil …

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cheese egg toast

Cheese egg toast recipe

Preparation time cheese egg toast-20 minutes Serving-2 Ingredients cheese egg toast: White Bread(cut it diagonally) -2 slices Egg-3 Cheese-50 gm Cooking oil/butter-2 tbsp Mixed herb-1/3 tsp Pizza mix-1/3 tsp Black pepper(grounded/crushed)-1/4 tsp Salt to taste Method: Grate the cheese into a bowl and crack the eggs in the same bowl. Add mixed herbs, pizza mix, black pepper and …

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egg roll

Egg roll recipe

Preparation Time egg roll-45 minutes Serving-2 Ingredients for egg roll: For Dough- All purpose flour(maida)-100 gm Cooking oil-2 tbsp Salt-1/3 tsp water For Roll- Egg-4 Green chilli(chopped)-2 Lemon juice-1 tsp Cucumber(chopped)-1/2 Onion(chopped)-1 Chilli sauce-1 tsp Tomato ketchup-2 tbsp Chat masala powder-1/3 tsp(optional) Cooking oil-4 tbsp Salt to taste Method: Dough preparation: Add 1/2 tsp salt …

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aam papad

Aam papad recipe

Preparation time for aam papad-30 minutes Drying time-2-3 days serving-5 Ingredients for aam papad- Mango pulp (any ripe mango)-500 gm Sugar-100 gm Cardamom powder(elaichi)-1/3 tsp Ghee/oil-2 tsp Method- Add mango pulp in a blending jar and blend it into smooth paste. Pour the paste in a cooking pan, add sugar and mix it. Heat a pan, …

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