Playtech Online Casinos Winning Tips and Tricks

Hey there, what's it like being a good casino player? You don’t know, do you? Today I'm, as an expert at Playtech casinos, turning the collection of my works, tried strategies and proven tips into the review. It took over six years for me to gather enough data, the best practice and made some conclusions.

Firstly, according to in news, it's an open platform and a known casino game provider. It powers over 400 online websites for gambling on the web. Their games are characterized by high payback, cutting-edge technology using, a good design and interesting plots catering to all tastes of online gamblers worldwide. I have tested over 100 operators and almost all products by the supplier over ten years. And no, I don't want to know how much I spent on them. This is what I enjoy in my life. Cash spent on pleasure, is never spent in vain, isn't it?

So with that, young and old people, to this day, still apply to me for a help and an advice. Oftentimes the new entries ask about the pitfalls and problems behind the free bonuses, and some game kinds.

Today I'm excited to share my tricks I have told many times though, plus to add something new and useful that one can put to use right away up to the date.

Strategic Gambling - What Is That?

playtech casinos tips

I am a strategic player. I call my way of making stakes a strategic gambling. In my betting, there is a structured approach to choosing a Playtech game by types, and to varying bet sizes and their repeat rate. 7 worked out on 500 Playtech games bet strategies promise their users that their gambling will produce a profit. They are:

  • Beginners
  • Baby Steps
  • Play & Run
  • Ladder
  • Umbrella
  • Shotgun
  • Martingale
For years it turns out these approaches are just good at coming up with producing rewarding gaming. However, don't forget that these are best practices not the rules. Especially, the system stumbles when you apply it to slots or roulette which are the games of chances. You can not predict their outcome, only RNG (this is a random number generator) does.

Playtech Game Strategy - How to Choose?

6 top Playtech game types would likely inspire real money players with their high rtp (97%+) indices, bonus features, high paybacks, and winners’ lists rates. These are progressive video slots, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, Age of the Gods Live Roulette, craps varieties.

Use Casino Bonus to Improve Skills

gaming tricks for playtech casinos

There are 2 types of bonuses professional players have as their ace in the hole. They are deposit and no deposit promotions. Despite the fact that first type is rather more preferable, cash or spins given for nominal deposits create more options for playing for free longer, gaining more experience as most of strategies suppose you to make 10-50 bets before a win happens.


The only method doesn’t exist. All 7 approaches and a number of tips come from my successful experiences at Playtech casino products, so, you know, sometimes you can affect on some aspects of a play, like having more practice with a free bonus or choosing a game with high winning chances.

But you are right, there's not enough knowledge and no “magic button or scheme” to guarantee a 100% result. Still, there is the statistical analysis of casino winners which you can use as a short hint and improve your profit.

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