Cheesy potato fries

cheesy potato fries

Preparation time for cheesy potato fries-20 minutes

Ingredients for cheesy potato fries:

  • Potato(peeled and washed)-4
  • Mozzarella cheese-50 gm
  • Cooking oil-250 gm
  • Salt-1/4 tsp
  • Black pepper(optional)


  • Cut the potato in thick slices and put it in plain water.
  • Wash the potato slices 3-4 times with water and use kitchen towel to dry it.
  • Turn on the flame, heat oil in a pan(drop a small piece of potato to check the temperature of the oil).
  • Once the potato starts floating, take it out and keep the flame on medium.
  • Put 8-10 potato slices at a time in the hot oil, keep flipping.
  • Fry it on medium flame for a minute and then take it out on the kitchen towel to extract extra oil from it.
  • Repeat the process to fry remaining potato slices.
  • Let the fried potato slices cool down completely, it takes approx 15-20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, heat the oil again to re-fry it.
  • Put the fried potato slices again in the hot oil, keep flipping.
  • Fry it for 1/2 minute on medium or medium high flame.
  • Once the potato turns golden, take it out on the kitchen towel.
  • Repeat the process to fry remaining fried potato slices.
  • Sprinkle salt and black pepper, mix it well.
  • Put it in a serving plate and grate cheese on top.
  • Cheesy potato fries is ready to serve, serve it hot with tomato ketchup.

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