Kala jamun recipe

kala jamun

Preparation time for kala jamun-40 minutes
No. of Kala jamun-12 pc

Ingredients for kala jamun:

  • Mawa(Khoya/Khoa)-100 gm
  • Paneer (Indian cottage cheese)-25 gm
  • All purpose flour(maida)-2 tbsp
  • Baking soda-2 pinch
  • Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
  • Powdered sugar or normal sugar-1 tbsp
  • Sugar-150 gm (1 large cup)
  • Cooking oil or ghee for frying


Sugar Syrup-

  • Add sugar and 1 cup(200 ml) of water in a pan.
  • Put the pan on flame, boil it for 20-25 minutes on low flame, keep stirring in between.
  • Turn off the flame and keep it aside.

Jamun Balls:

  • Grate/mash the mawa and paneer in a plate.
  • Add maida, powdered sugar, baking soda and cardamom powder, mix it properly.
  • Knead it continuously for 8-10 minutes( add 1-2 tbsp of milk or water if the dough is too dry), I didn’t add milk or water.
  • Take a small portion of dough, check it by making one ball, If you see any crack then knead it for few more minutes.
  • Make equal size of jamun balls of the dough.

Frying process:

  • Heat oil in a pan on medium flame, ensure oil is not too hot.
  • Drop a small ball of dough to check the temperature of oil, oil is ready for frying if small bubbles start forming.
  • Put 3-4 balls at a time in oil, stir the oil continuously.
  • Fry the balls till it turns dark brown, it takes approximately 8 minutes on low flame.
  • Use spoon for flipping the balls, keep stirring the oil and flipping the balls, do it carefully.
  • Take it out from the oil and put it directly in hot sugar syrup (ensure the syrup is hot).
  • Repeat the process for frying remaining kala jamun balls, leave it for 30 minutes in sugar syrup.
  • After 30 minutes, kala jamuns are ready to serve.

Note-You may stuff chopped dry fruits inside the kala jamun while making the dough balls.

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