Ridge gourd peel chutney

ridge gourd peel chutney

Preparation time ridge gourd peel chutney-20 minutes

Ingredients ridge gourd peel chutney:

  • Ridge gourd skin/peel-200 gm(2 cups)
  • Garlic (peeled)-8 to 10
  • Green chilli-3 to 4
  • Cumin seeds-1/3 tsp
  • Cooking oil-1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash the ridge gourd skin with water.
  • Turn on the flame and heat a pan, add ridge gourd skin/peel.
  • Fry it for 1-2 minutes on medium flame, take it out from the pan.
  • Add oil in the same pan, add cumin seeds and fry it for few seconds.
  • Add green chilli and garlic, fry it 30-40 seconds on medium flame.
  • Add ridge gourd skin, Fry it for 2 minutes on medium flame.
  • Add salt to taste and fry it for one more minute, keep stirring.
  • Turn off the flame and let it cool down a bit.
  • Take it out in a blending jar, blend it into thick smooth paste (do not add water).
  • Take it out in a bowl, ridge gourd peel chutney is ready to serve.

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